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Qmail autoresponder

Qmail autoresponder

Name: Qmail autoresponder

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qmail-autoresponder Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail Bruce Guenter Version This is a simple program to. Simple autoresponder for qmail: Mail is sent to [email protected] An automatically generated response is sent back to the user with an address of. 1) I have mail user named [email protected], 2) all incoming Mail to the user should respond with auto reply. Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost.

qmail-autoresponder sends an automatically-generated message in response to an incoming message. By default, it limits the number of responses it sends to a. Hi Guys I have a qmail server running, i want to create an autoreponder for one of my accounts using the autorepond for qmail, and i did that. man qmail-autoresponder howto config documentation configuration.

To create auto-responder in Qmail, you can follow the steps below: Login to http :// with your user name and password; Click on Options. 12 Dec Hello, Do you need an auto responder for your qmail server? Try Bruce Guenter's qmail autoresponder. -Raymond. 29 Feb Autoresponder does exactly what you think it does. with autoresponder in place of autorespond I assume, that you are using the qmail-autoresponder. To check what is going wrong, I need two additional informations at the moment. 31 May Installation. get it from; untar the tarball. $ make #./installer #./instshow # vi /etc/vmailmgr/vdeliver-.

I'm making a couple guesses about what you're ultimately trying to do. It sounds like you want to catch messages that aren't addressed to. TmpBuf2, RealDir, TmpBuf2); + sprintf(TmpBuf, "|%s/qmail-autoresponder %s /%s", + AUTORESPOND_PATH, RealDir, TmpBuf2); valias_insert (ActionUser. Rate-limited autoresponder for qmail: Limits rate of automatic responses ( defaults to a maximum of one message every hour). - Will not. 21 Dec psa v_build os_RedHat Hey all. I set up a mail account called info I gave it a mailbox cheked the Mail autoresponders box.


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